How django girls transformed me into a confident coder

Dec. 2, 2017, 9:49 p.m.

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Having attended many  workshops before, I thought django girls  would be just the same, come together, talk eat and forget. Alas I was wrong. On 24 November 2016, I attended django girls Harare just for the sake of attending since it was a free workshop and something to do with women. The organisers Humphrey Butau and Anna Makarudze had done a nice job on the social media - thats how I get to know about the event. Programming was something I thought was only for the elite. I almost quit my college project where I had to program a microcontroller. The django girls Harare workshop awakened me. I discovered that I was wrong in the way I viewed coding. The day was actually awesome. On top of the coding skills, I get to network with more people who continue to inspire me up to today. I also heard for the first time that there was pyladies Harare a mentoring platform for the girls and women. I did not hesitate to join the group on Meetup

I and other django girls during Django girls Harare #3 workshop

It was so joyful obtaining the certificate: Django girls Harare #3 attendees celebraring achievement

The pleasure of having online presence drove me into diving deeper into coding after the django girls. The django girls tutorial is so straight forward and is meant for total beginners. All the fears that engulfed me whenever I heard of coding was removed. I was also given the priviledge of attending python conference the following day. It was really awesome. All programming languages might have their uniqueness but what makes python standout is its community. I fitted well into the conference proceedings as if I was a seasoned attendee and programmer. The environment was so conducive for networking so much that I made a lot of friends. I was also inspired by the talks at the conference and I promised myself that I will continue to be part of the community.

Funny time: I and other Pyconzim 2016 attendees

From that time I began attending pyladies Harare meetups and these meetups continued to nurture me. I became an active partcipant. I joined django girls Chinhoyi organised by Ronald Maravanyika as coach in April 2017 and it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed every bit of it. Encouraging other girls and women to drive away the fear and have coding myths demystified arose excitement in me. I also joined Zimbopy as a mentor during the mentorship week in the same month. The more I was involved the more I understood some concepts. I was even more excited to co-organise django girls Harare #4 in August 2017 together with Anna Makarudze, Humphrey Butau, Emilda Kofi, Hariet Marima, Mildred Mugauri and Munopa Rukure. Everything about the experience was valuable. I get to understand how working as a team means, how to plan for an event and how to organise people. We faced a lot of challenges from securing the venue, getting funds for the event to mention a few but despite all these odds we sailed through and the event was a success.

I and other mentors with Zimbopy girls during mentorship week

Django girls Chinhoyi after presentation of certificates


Django girls Harare #4 girls at work

I was also part of the pyconzim 2017 organising team. The conference was just a cut above the rest. The talks were so educating and I got to hear the experiences of programmers from other countries. I keep on learning new things.

Apart from the pyladies mentorship I am also now active on many online platforms that teach programming including coursera, udemy, coding for entrepreneurs, freecodecamp to metion a few. I have made mini projects on codepen using javascript and a personal blog using django currently hosted on pythonanywhere. Recently I attended an interview in one of the largest telecommunications service provider where an Angular front end developer was needed. In short a lot is happening. It all started with django girls. Thumps up to the founders and all the django girls community.

Author- Blessing Chiwaura


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So inspiring keep it up

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